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Upcoming Events

  • 38th CHSCA Annual Hall of Fame Induction +

    Congratulations to the 2015 CHSCA Hall of Fame Class: Theresa Napolitano, George Beaudry, David Schulz, Michael Fritch, Gerry Chester, Michael Savage, Michael Giovinazzo, Jonathan Capone, George Suitor and George De Maio.

    The induction dinner will be on November 19th at 7:00pm at the Aqua Turf Club. Tickets for the induction dinner can be ordered from John Fontana (860-628-4122) or P.O. Box 632 Southington, CT 06489. Tickets are $46 foe each reservation.

  • CAS-CIAC to Induct John Fontana into their Hall of Honor +

    John Fontana, CHSCA Executive Director, will join eight other distinguished Connecticut residents for “exceptional service to the Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference” in the inaugural CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor ceremony at the Aqua Turf on October 17, 2015 from 6-9pm. The other inductees are: Ms. Rose Marie Carlucci, Dr. Robert Carroll, Dr. Suzanne C. D’Annolfo, Mr. Timothy Doyle, Mr. Robert Duncanson, Mr. Don Gates, Ms. Ann Malafronte, and Mr. Michael Savage.

    Coach Fontana has spent his professional life helping the student-athletes of Connecticut as an educator in Southington and as the Executive Director of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. The CHSCA is proud of their long association with “Coach” and congratulate him on this outstanding honor.


  • Meeting Dates 2015-2016 +

    Mandatory meeting for Executive Board and Sports Chairs Tuesday September 1, 2015 at the Aqua Turf 5:30pm. The other mandatory meeting for the EB and SC is Tuesday June 11, 2016 (annual meeting, acceptance of officers and audit report).


    Executive Board ONLY meetings at the Back Nine Restaurant-Southington Country Club on these dates/times:

    10/29/15 @3:30pm (Coach of the Year selection followed by meeting/dinner)

    1/7/16 @ 5:30pm

    3/10/16 @ 5:30pm

    5/5/16 @ 4:00pm (Nominating meeting followed by meeting/dinner)

    Hall of Fame: Thursday November 19, 2015

    Coach of the Year: Thursday May 12, 2016

  • NHSACA AD of the Year-Gary Makowicki +

    Retired NFA Athletic Director Gary Makowicki was recognized by the National High School Athletic Coaches Association as their Athletic Director of the Year at their summer convention. He was the only Connecticut winner. It is one of many honors he has gathered this year as he ends a distinguished career in athletics and education. Gary has represented the CHSCA in many capacities over the years and still is involved in coordinating the coach of the year selection process. The CHSCA congratulates Gary on this honor and thanks him for his continued service to the organization.

  • Upcoming CEU Offerings from CCEP +

    November CEU Module Offerings from the Connecticut Coaching Education

    All courses will be held at the CIAC offices in Cheshire

    No walk-in registrations allowed
    All registrations must be completed online at

    Thursday November 19,6-9pm
    Module 8 - Strength & Conditioning Design for Interscholastic Athletic

    Thursday November 20,6-9pm
    Module 13 - Nutrition, Performing Enhancing Supplements

    Thursday November 21,8:30-11:30am
    Module 4 - Legal Aspects of Coaching

    Thursday November 21, noon-3pm
    Module 7 - CIAC Role and Responsibility of a Coach

    Thursday November 21,3-6pm
    Module 18 - Dealing with the College Bound Athlete



    * In the event you are audited by the State Department of Education they
    will first check our database electronically, which will save you time and
    aggravation. If you have the correct number of hours you will not have to
    produce the necessary documentation. Our database will ONLY display courses
    taken from our program. Be careful of any other entities offering courses
    that claim to be CEUs, make certain they can be used in Connecticut.

    * You can print or reprint a certificate for any course you have taken with
    CCEP. To view all courses you have listed in our database (the same
    database the state will check first when doing an audit) and/or print any
    necessary certificates, visit our online search tool.



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