Banquet/Event Dates

All banquets and All-State dinners take place at The Aqua Turf, 556 Mulberry Street, Plantsville, CT 06479.

November 2016
Boys & Girls Cross Country November 14  Kay's Pier South
Hall of Fame Banquet November 17  Kay's Pier North
Girls Volleyball November 29 Wagon
Girls Swimming November 29 Kay's Pier South
December 2016
Field Hockey  December 6  Kay's Pier North


January 2017
Football  January 15  Kay's Pier
Boys Soccer  January 22  Kay's Pier 4PM
Girls Soccer

 January 22

 Kay's Pier 11:30am


March 2017

Boys Swimming  March 21  Kay's Pier South
Cheerleading  March 21  Kay's Pier North
Wrestling  March 12  Kay's Pier South
Boys & Girls Indoor Track  March 9  Kay's Pier North
Gymnastics  March 16  Kay's Pier South

April 2017
Ice Hockey  April 2  Kay's Pier South 1pm
Girls Basketball  April 19  Kay's Pier South
Boys Basketball  April 23  Kay's Pier North

May 2017
Coach of the Year Banquet  May 11  Kay's Pier

June 2017
Baseball  June 12  Kay's Pier North
Boys Volleyball  June 15 Wagon 
Softball  June 19  Kay's Pier North
Girls Lacrosse  June 19  Kay's Pier South
Boys & Girls Tennis  June 19  Glass
Boys Lacrosse  June 20  Kay's Pier South
Boys & Girls Track  June 21  Kay's Pier North
Golf  June 22  Glass