Register New Coaches

On behalf of the CHSCA, we would like to ask you for your help in registering new coaches as members of our organization. Current members have been mailed their membership application. If the school pays for their membership, they should give the forms to you to mail with a school check. These forms are for new members. Some of the privileges and benefits are listed as a thoughtful reminder of what is available to them:

1. As a member you are covered by a one million dollar general liability insurance policy.
    -You are also covered in the classroom if you are a teacher.
2. Special liability and medical rates are available for your summer camps because of our national insurance program.
3. Your membership card serves as a ticket of admission to athletic events in most high schools throughout the state, with the exception of CIAC tournaments.

4. It provides for dual membership in the National High School Athletic Coaches Association and as such, makes you eligible for national as well as state honors (Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame).
5. Each member has the opportunity to go on our website and view our enlarged, beautiful newsletter which comes out three times a year. Go to
6. You are eligible for a gold membership upon retirement with 28 years of membership.
7. The Association sponsors the recognition dinner, Hall of Fame dinner, clinics, All-Star games in boys and girls basketball and soccer, baseball, softball, field hockey, football, volleyball, lacrosse and ice hockey.
8. The Association sponsors interstate All-Star competition in baseball, softball and field hockey.
9. The Association helps to coordinate and sponsor All-State banquets for all sports.
10. The CHSCA will be sponsoring coaches re-certification seminars for your convenience in conjunction with CAAD and CIAC.
11. The CHSCA grants several $1,000.00 scholarships annually to scholar-athletes in our state.