Membership Introduction

The designation of ‘Coach’ means you are a member of a very elite group of individuals in this country, responsible for the well being, education, sports development and trust of nearly six million young men and women participating in high School sports at some 22,000 high schools.

The Connecticut High School Coaches Association, for nearly 60 years, has been the backbone of the state’s coaches. It has dedicated itself to enhancing and upgrading and staying in front of the complex problems existing in education today. Through its efforts, the CHSCA is recognized as one of the premier state associations in the country.

Why should a man or woman coaching in Connecticut belong to the CHSCA? The reasons are many. Let us begin by assuming you would like to have a voice in your profession. You would like to be heard on issues affecting the sport you coach, be informed on the attitudes and situations affecting your colleagues across the country. Of course we realize your time is valuable and the demands upon you are many, but for those who find a few more precious hours, their input into the CHSCA is valuable for all.

Let us recognize some of the values of belonging to the CHSCA and what membership does for coaches and athletes in this state. Let me name them: All-State teams and banquets, All-Star games, Coach of the Year recognition both on a state and national level, and sports representation on all CIAC committees. In an effort to stay ahead of the national and local problems facing teacher/coaches, the CHSCA retains a full-time lobbyist in Hartford and a marketing professional.

There are still more benefits for you, the coach, as a member of the CHSCA and your family. Membership gives you a one million dollar liability insurance policy, which is in addition to your school teacher’s contract. For those who have coached for 28 years or more, a special Gold Membership is given. The CHSCA is working very hard with key legislators to have coaches’ salaries included in your retirement figures. This proposed legislation is currently being studied. What will be relevant when this legislation is passed will be the total number of members in the CHSCA at the time.

We have tried to outline for you the importance of being a member of the CHSCA. We know you will feel as we do, not being a member of this group leaves you on the outside instead of the inside where you can be seen and heard.