Membership Introduction

The designation of ‘Coach’ means you are a member of a very elite group of individuals in this country, responsible for the well being, education, sports development and trust of nearly six million young men and women participating in high School sports at some 22,000 high schools.

The Connecticut High School Coaches Association, for nearly 60 years, has been the backbone of the state’s coaches. It has dedicated itself to enhancing and upgrading and staying in front of the complex problems existing in education today. Through its efforts, the CHSCA is recognized as one of the premier state associations in the country.


Membership - Join Now

There seems to be a misinterpretation by some people about the ruling on Head Coaches being members of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. This rule has been discussed manytimes and after many years of debate was finally brought up to a vote. To align with the rest of the coaching organizations in other states, the CHSCA has made it mandatory for head coaches to be members of the CHSCA in order to participate in CHSCA sponsored activities.


CHSCA Membership Benefits

1. Eligible for Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
2. Eligible for CHSCA Coach of the Year selection
3. Eligible for National High School Hall of Fame


Certification and Recert


CEU MODULE COURSES: Module offerings provide an opportunity for coaches to experience quality professional development while also satisfying the 15 hour State Department of Education requirement. Interested individuals may sign up for any number of courses.


Register New Coaches

On behalf of the CHSCA, we would like to ask you for your help in registering new coaches as members of our organization. Current members have been mailed their membership application. If the school pays for their membership, they should give the forms to you to mail with a school check. These forms are for new members. Some of the privileges and benefits are listed as a thoughtful reminder of what is available to them:

1. As a member you are covered by a one million dollar general liability insurance policy.
    -You are also covered in the classroom if you are a teacher.
2. Special liability and medical rates are available for your summer camps because of our national insurance program.
3. Your membership card serves as a ticket of admission to athletic events in most high schools throughout the state, with the exception of CIAC tournaments.


Camp Insurance Benefits

Tired of searching for insurance coverage for your camp?

Access the NOCAD Camp Insurance Program, administered by Loomis & LaPann, Inc.

This program is offered as a member benefit of your coaches association.

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2017 Camp Insurance +


As a member benefit of your coaches association, your members will continue to have General Liability coverage for their coaching activities (for example, State Association sanctioned All-Star Events, camps, other coaching activities and classroom coverage). The new requirement from the General Liability Company is that if a coach operates/conducts a camp he/she must have Participant/Accident coverage for all participants/campers attending the camp. Your member coach has the option to provide proof of existing Participant/Accident coverage or to purchase the coverage at a discounted rate through the NOCAD Camp Insurance Program.


When a coach is coaching at his/her school, student athletes are always covered by an Accident Insurance Policy that is provided by the school or the High School Association. The coverage is in place to help schools and High School Associations eliminate potential litigation; because when someone is injured, the Participant/Accident Insurance Policy can pay medical bills.

Even if the injured party has Primary Medical Insurance, most policies no longer pay 100% of the medical bills and parents could have high out-of-pocket expenses. For example, if a student has a $50,000 ACL injury and the parents’ Primary Medical Insurance Policy has an 80/20 co-pay, the insurance company is going to pay $40,000 and the parents would have $10,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

In today’s legal climate, everything possible must be done to protect our General Liability Policy from lawsuits being filed for negligent acts when someone is injured. Camp Liability Policies could be unavailable in the near future if Participant/Accident coverage has not been added.

Thank you,

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view i

Loomis & LaPann, Inc.

Insurance Administrator




Attention All Varsity Coaches

Take notice!
To have the right to vote for CHSCA All-State selections
To nominate layers for CHSCA Senior All-Stars and more

You must be a current member of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association

If you are not a member for the current school year, you must join now to gain all benefits.  

Gold Level Membership

The interpretation of the CHSCA Gold Pass has led to so much misinterpretation that the Executive Board has instituted new guidelines:

1. The Gold Pass name has been changed to Gold Level Membership.
2. You must be in the CHSCA membership for 28 years and retired for six months from coaching and teaching.